70s Vintage Playful Cat(s)

There are thousands of wind-up toys out there – and I’m only talking about ‘vintage’, excluding modern ones. I prefer those with fur or plush to tin models – not that there aren’t some fantastic ones (Robots, for example. For one of the best image collections of those, see: www.robotnut.com).

Of the 2 almost identical cats that I own, one is an exception – it works fine and nothing is missing. However, it is also a ‘fake’, or rather, a copy. It’s ‘made in Hong Kong’ and has paper eyes instead of metal. It earned its place in my collection because of its baby-blue colour, which is so non-cat/bizarre –  I just couldn’t resist it. The original is made in Japan, and, poor thing, is missing the fur on its left hind-leg and tail. But see it in action and it doesn’t matter!

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