Party time!

At last, the days and evenings are becoming warmer – and Summer time means Party time, don’t you think?

collage partySo, are you ready? Have you set a date? Ok, let’s go: First, send out these fantastic invitation cards, who could resist saying ‘YES!”?


And to show off your fun yet sophisticated character you’ll have napkins showing how happy you are your friends have turned up:

Party glass and serviettesCordials


Now, the food & drink: get inspired by

recipesfromcomeintothekitchenOr try one of the ‘Modern’ America recipes from Mary and Vincent Price’s 1969 “Come into the Kitchen Cook Book‘ , re-published in 2016 by Dover Publications.

And if it rains – you can always go back inside and play games, not necessarily one as dull as this (I love the illustrations but the ‘Faults’ have  a distinct whiff of the 1940s about them, although the game was published in the 1960) – some solutions below.

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Solutions: 6: “A Coal Shuttle would not be needed in front of an electric fire”; 5: “June has only 30 days, not 31 as shown; 2: “The Man’s Waistcoat is buttoned the wrong way”; 1: “The Back Support is missing from the Deck Chair”

Dennis Productions, or previously ‘Dennis Games’, were specialist in party games.  You can find out more HERE



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