The Beautiful Game

I’m not ‘into’ Football – but once it comes to international competitions I will invest in a Sweepstake and will even watch – and (yes, I admit it) even get excited by watching some matches. You know by now that I collect jig-saw puzzles, and this one:

World Cup 1966 Puzzle

(which one could ‘earn’ by eating or at least buying ‘Shredded Wheat’) is of interest because:

  • World Cup WillieIt is from 1966 (the year England won)
  • The ‘Jules Rimet Cup‘ was stolen – and returned – before the tournament began – read more here
  • It is a lovely example of promotional marketing
  • IMG_2041“World Cup Willie” was the first (!) World Cup mascot – and apparently very popular – find out more on that here


Interesting fact:
The ‘Jules Rimet Cup’ was named after the Frenchman who originally proposed the tournament. It was permanently awarded in 1970 to then three-time winner Brazil (1958, 1962, and 1970), and a new trophy called the FIFA World Cup was put up for competition.

So whatever you do while the 2018 World Cup is on (14 June – 15 July 2018) – enjoy your breakfast(s)!




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