Summ, Summ, Summ

Nothing to do with Maths! ‘Summen’ is German for ‘buzz’. I grew up with bees – my father was a hobby bee-keeper and supplemented his income with selling home-made lime blossom and rapeseed honey.  In truth, he did love ‘his’ bees and taught us to at least respect them. I don’t like honey, though – probably because there was too much in the house …. but I have a soft spot for bees and cannot stand wasps (their enemy!).  Which probably explains why I picked up this ‘educational’ card game about bees – and really, it is instructive as well as nicely illustrated. Just a few examples:

I am lucky in having a (very) small back-garden – and we do have some neighbouring trees which have somehow attracted a ‘solitary bee‘ – for which I am grateful. But no room for flower-beds – at least I get away with my non-existent gardening skills. Meaning it’s ok to covet empty see-packets just for their illustration!


Have a very happy start to the ‘Summ’er!

I’ll leave you with one of ‘the’ songs of my childhood:

Summ summ summ Bienchen summ herum
Ei wir tun dir nichts zu leide
flieg nur aus in Wald und Heide
summ summ summ Bienchen summ herum

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