Summer in Dollhouse Land

It is Summer – not just in the ‘real’ world…

My dolls decided to have a barbecue

but they were even  more excited to be able to get out of the house and start exploring the beautiful ‘world’ of ‘My Dolly’s Home‘.

playing croquet
playing croquet
tennis lawn
maybe tennis later…

I recently acquired this wonderfully illustrated book, published in 1921. It shows different rooms and outdoor areas of a house in which to re-enact a story – a story about a girl who finds a paper doll and then finds herself small enough to follow the doll into her little world. She later discovers that this has been a dream but her parents give here a picture book where the same house is represented, hence the title:

my dolly's home
living room 1
Living Room – door closed
living room v 2
Living Room – door open
music room
music/playroom cupboard open
music room cupboard open
music/playroom cupboard open

I have not been able to find information on Margaret Stannard, the illustrator – if you know anything, please do get in touch! It really is a magical book, with double page spreads beginning at the front gate, progressing to the bedrooms, down the back stairs to the kitchen, and out to the garden, an orchard, and a garage. In my copy only the mother and the cook paper dolls have survived – ephemera is ‘lasting only for a short time’, after all. I am sure my dollhouse dolls will have much fun within this.

For more information on the history of paper dolls’ houses see this interesting article on the V & A Museum of Childhood’s website.


  1. Yet another brilliant read. You truly have some wonderful treasures! Thank you for sharing them (and you) with us.

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