Meadow Flowers

I have written about birds and bees, so it seems apt to say something about flowers. Wild or meadow flowers on this occasion. I grew up in the countryside, so walks along fields, particularly in summer were little voyages of discovery.  We took a small guide book with us – and collected ‘Sammelbilder’ (small illustrated cards) from Kölln oats packets (more about the history of these here (please note the page is in German – but it does have nice illustrations). We had plenty more books and items on and about flowers, as my parents and siblings were/are all green-fingered. Sadly, I am not but I take pleasure from nature itself and the books I’ve inherited.

A Big Thank You to my sister, who let me take photographs of the coffee service of which she is now the caretaker. This, of course, was only used on very special occasions.

A special feature was that on the back of larger plates the flowers shown were listed by their common German name, their Latin and their English name. Sadly, the company who produced this:  Krautheim (which is such a fitting name: it translates to ‘Herb-home”) closed down in 1977.


Enjoy this wonderful summer, look out for flowers on your walks – and don’t forget your loved ones!

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