Quack Quack Quack

Well, this one doesn’t sound ‘prettily enough’ but that’s no reason not to love it. “Mr, Duck” just wants his students to sing at their best. His blue eyes and beseeching look hint (in my view) that he is not as hard a taskmaster as one might think upon hearing his voice.

Produced by FUJI PRESS KOGYOSHO – a company of which not much is known – apart from the fact that they did specialise in the production of plush-covered toys – more here.

box cover of Mr Duck
note the comma : Mr, Duck

The only other duck in my possession is this cute Donald Duck in uniform:

Felt Donald Duck
Felt Donald Duck – or is it Huey, Dewey, or Louie? (or Tick, Trick or Track)?

He had weathered a few storms before I spotted him at an ‘Art Deco’ Fair, rather forlornly placed between crockery of all sorts. He looks very cute, not at all grumpy!

While my husband is a strict Marvel-Comics fan, I grew up on the German versions of all things ‘Entenhausen’ (Duckburg) and that is thanks to the truly great translations by Dr Erika Fuchs who coined more than one phrase which is now in common use in the German language. They were such fun to read. Sadly I didn’t keep any of my childhood magazines. I do buy the odd book whenever I’m in Germany. Here are two of my favourites:


And here is a lovely tribute to Dr Fuchs (a memorial plaque on her former home).
There is even a museum: http://www.erika-fuchs.de

By Gedenkplakette gestiftet von D.O.N.A.L.D. – photo made in Schwarzenbach, CC BY-SA 3.0,


  1. Quacktastic! I love the Mr, Duck conductor toy and the artwork for him. The Disney duck is nice too. I just noticed there is a (tiny) Donald Duck featured in my upcoming post. I like the plaque for Dr Fuchs, a good tribute for her.

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