Games without Frontiers

Spiel ohne Grenzen, Jeux Sans Frontieres, It’s a Knockout…

Apparently the French title was the inspiration for the song “Games without frontiers‘ by Peter Gabriel:

He even sang it in German (the lyrics are rather difficult to make out)

I was – and still am – fully subscribed to the idea of all countries being able to ‘get along’ and ‘Spiel ohne Grenzen’ seemed to embody this – it was a competition, yes, but a very funny,  slightly absurd one: no-one came out looking great. My enthusiasm for the show meant that I went along to the domestic heat  between the city of Ahrensburg (which I supported, as it was closest to my hometown) and Nordhorn. And I got the card to prove it (see main image).
Ahrensburg won this heat and went on to the international competition in Delft, Netherlands. Luton was the winning city and Ahrensburg came a respectable second.

Score Table It's a Knock-out
Final scores Jeux Sans Frontières at Delft, Netherlands: 
Wednesday 16 August 1972 – Luton won

1972 was also the year of the Olympic Games held in Munich. How I became the owner/recipient of a personal note from the then Minister for Postal and Telecommunications, I do not remember, but it has its special place in my stamp collection from that time.

Olympic Games 1972 - signed note from Minister for postal and telecommunications
Hand-signed note – with best wishes – from the Minister of Postal and Telecommmunications

Yes, I was that kind of child – collecting stamps, so be prepared for some stamp-stories in the future…..

As a bonus, and a possible explanation for my love of and feeling connected to the United Kingdom, here is a special card issued on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Hamburg (in 1965). She is quoted as saying: ‘Germany – it’s the trip of my lifetime‘.  I will leave you to ponder that statement and how (or whether) times have changed..

Queen Elizabeth in Germany 1965
special postcard and stamp issued on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Germany 


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