It’s in the (paper) bag

Once upon a time people carried their shopping home in paper rather than plastic bags. Often these were simply brown or white but many displayed advertising. In my view, the 60s and 70s had the best designs. Some companies,  for example the May-Werke ; even had their own ‘paper-processing’ department.

The company no longer produces dairy or any other products. At least it is still based in Köttingen, but it now runs an enormous industrial estate (which started off with its own factory buildings).

Uelzener Zucker

This is my favourite – a net bag on paper (almost art!), great colours and graphics. I very much hope that net bags, just like paper bags, will be having a comeback.

Uelzener Zucker is now Nordzucker, with its largest plant still in Uelzen, a city in Lower Saxony.  If you’re curious about the owl in the (then) logo, there is a story (of course) and even a sculpture about the owl’s significance in relation to the city.

Langnese Honey
Langnese Honey

Langnese Honey has been going since 1927  – more images and a brief history can be found on their website

John F Kennedy Space Center - bag
Kennedy Space Center bag

And last, not least, a paper bag from the USA. TWA operated tours of the Kennedy Space Center between 1966 and 1976 , and this bag would have contained souvenirs purchased. I love it for its simplicity and for its connection to ‘space’ – which is why it ended up in my collection. Another addition to my (growing) list of places to visit!



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