Are you feline lucky?

Excuse the pun – I couldn’t resist! There’s not only the international ‘Black Cat Appreciation Day’ (always in August) but also a ‘National Black Cat Day’ here in the UK (always in October). Why?According to the Cat Protection Society, it takes a week longer for black cats to be housed than other cats. One of the myths that could possibly explain why this is, is that black cats are ‘unlucky’. Well, at least at the beginning of the 20th century people thought exactly the opposite. How else can I explain the plethora of Christmas & New Year cards that show black cats bringing or wishing ‘Good luck’? Time for the images to speak for themselves:

W&K Cheerio - wherever you go
Publishers: Wildt & Kray  (1903-1915)
may good luck await you - Premier
Publishers: Premier
Happy Days - British Manufacture
Publishers: unknown
Basket full of luck - publisher unknown
Publishers: unknown

Black cats are lucky

Jolly - publisher unknown
Publishers: unknown

Here’s a fundraising card:

The Modern Press - ClaytonBack of Lucky Black Cat Perfume Card


I hope I’ve shown that a black cat is nothing to have nightmares about. I will leave you with this cute creature:

Alfred Stiebel & Co - Alpha Series n 456
Publishers: Alfred Stiebel & Co (London E.C.) – but ‘made in Prussia’


  1. Wonderful images. I’m certain I remember family cards like those with similar images of black cats. I’ve always felt they were lucky and whenever I see a black cat I wish it luck right back. October makes me think of them because of the association of a witch’s black cat at Halloween. There is also the famous French Chat Noir designs by Steinlen which I love.

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