Pop-up books – Fairy-tales

Paper-mechanics have been around for centuries but the phrase ‘pop-up book’ was only copyrighted in 1932 (by Blue Ribbon Press, Chicago). You can find out more about the history and makers on the excellent The Popuplady

So here are a few images from my collection. I’ve chosen some fairy-tales on this occasion because of the time of year – just right to open these pages to read and find the surprises hidden in them when it’s cold and rainy outside.  Enjoy!

The images above are from “Thumbolina’ (yes, with an ‘o’ instead of an ‘e’), published by Malysh Publishers. I think they no longer exist – since the collapse of the USSR – at least I can only find references to this company up to 1986.

Both the above (Cinderella) and the below (The brave tin soldier) were illustrated by  the master of the pop-up book, Vojtech Kubasta ( a Czech architect and illustrator)


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