Happy New Year!

Hope you had a good start to 2019 – and that all your hopes and wishes get fulfilled!

Wishing you a Happy New Year. illustration of girl behind boy, having put her hands on his eyes so that he has to guess who it might be
Who knows what it will bring? Love?
vintage postcard: Wishing you a very happy New year, showing 2 owls on a branch leaning against each other
vintage soviet postcard - illustration of christmas tree on the moon. sky and the Earth on right hand side
vintage postcard - swallows and harbour "May the New Year be laden with blessings'
vintage calendar with image of cat in basket - calendar front says " A Year of happy days"
No need to be disgruntled (yet)…! Though a dose of scepticism probably won’t hurt
bunny in snow with black pawprints spelling out 'Happy New Year'
It’ll be Easter sooner than you think


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