Teddy Edward was one of the most travelled teddy bears in the world. There were 19 books and even a TV series (with a great tune – music only below) .

In my possession is ‘Teddy Edward’s Winter Holiday’ and I am bound to agree with Enid Blyton: she apparently said that “Teddy Edward seemed to do all the things that every child would want their own teddy bears to do.”

Sadly, Stratton Toys Ltd which held the copyright for ‘Jasmine, the rabbit’ is listed as ‘dissolved’. The character seems to survive in  Jasmine the Rabbit  in one of the Hedgehog universes. The TV-shows have been wiped, too, so only the books survive.

Patrick Matthews (read more about him here – he did lead an interesting life!) had worked with Cecil Beaton on a photographic project in his garden and took a photograph of Cecil Beaton’s cat sitting in a bed of nettles. Enlarged and framed they hung it in their then three-year old daughter Sarah’s room. This gave his wife Mollie the idea of photographing some of Sarah’s toy animals and to write simple stories about Teddy Edward and his friends.

Patrick and Mollie Matthews took ‘action’ photographs but tried to keep to natural poses and in situations children would understand, and they purposely never dressed him up, nor his friends.

In 1996, the actual Teddy Bear sold at auction at Christies for £34,000, so clearly he is well remembered and much loved.