Feel the love 2

I hope you’ll all be ‘in luck‘ not just on this year’s Valentine’s Day!

Without further ado, here are some of my favourites from the 50s to 70s from my collection:
First: Angry to Sweet

A German version
I long for ‘The one’ love – for someone who I’d love to write to, telling him he’s the best of all – Could this ‘one’ be you?

This was my personal favourite…

until these came along..

Dear reader(s),
wishing you lots of

and don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet because:


  1. These are fabulous! My favorite is the “I’m looking for someone with…”, she is stunning. I am blown away by your amazing collection. Lots of love back to you xxxx

  2. Adorable! Love the wolf in bow tie and hat, and the two girls in winter clothes. My favourite is ‘I’ve got you where I want you… in my heart’ – so beautiful. What a cool collection. Thanks for sharing them and lots ‘n lots love back xxxx 🙂

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