There’s always Paris

Having written about ‘Love’ in the last 2 posts, Paris came to mind – or rather, my romantic notion of it – based on childhood TV series such as The Persuaders or Jason King . While it is doubtful any scenes were actually shot in Paris the illusion of worldwide (luxury) travel was wonderful. Here’s a video illustrating what I mean:

I imagine the person who recorded the footage could have had this guide at their fingertips:

cover by Raoul Dufy, no less!

The early morning mists on the Seine, the lazy-plying barges, the ever-patient fishermen, the gaunt, leafless trees along the quays in the fall, the flowering horse-chestnut trees in the spring, the breath-taking vistas from the bridges, the ageless beauty of Notre-Dame, the awe-inspiring stained glass windows of the Sainte Chapelle, all that and so much more is Paris. From one end of the year to the other, “Paris, Ville des Quatre-Saisons” offers much to many.

Whether you stop in a bistro, spend the afternoon wandering about in the narrow streets of the Marais, loiter in one of her cool parks or gardens, while away an afternoon or evening sitting on the terrace of a sidewalk cafe….

excerpts from the introductory text of the
‘Paris, Where, What, When, How’ fold-away guide

this is the life..

Suave traveller’s children are likely to have been given this Ladybird book (published in 1969) before setting off.

Exciting – and yes, obviously you’re no longer ‘in England’ and French will be spoken.
drawing of cafe with men sitting at tables and text describing open-air cafes and food in France
Very male ‘cafe society’

But all dreams have to come to an end.. It is time to say ‘Au Revoir’. And it looks as if the ‘United Kingdom’ custom rules and borders will soon be reality again. I think you can guess that would have voted ‘Remain’, if I had been able to, but being a ‘European citizen’ I had no say.

Time to go Home- text from 1954 guide to Paris explaining Customs Regulations for citizens of various countries
image of border post - from Ladybird book 'Come to France', 1969
The ‘good old days’ – debatable…

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  1. I missed this post. Love seeing the old Ladybird books, had many of those as a child. Funny reading the one about France – I would vouch, as a person in France for some time now, for the ‘warm and sunny weather in the south even in the winter’ 🙂 Only been to Paris once, but fell in love with it. Montmartre especially so.
    But what a tragedy Bre*it is for Europeans. Hard to feel peace of mind and heart these past 3 years 🙁

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