Black and white newswpaper Advert for Mickey's Fun Fair - a card game with 2 sets of cards

The little duck rules

Today I present images of a card game that is now 80 years old – and my copy certainly looks its age.

2 sets of cards - Donald Duck on back - one set in red, the other blue
red and blue sets

Mickey’s Fun Fair was originally published in 1939 in the UK “by permission of Walt Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Ltd” under the title ‘Pepys series‘, an imprint of Castell Brothers. This followed the huge success the publishers had had with a game based on Snow White (1936). Founded in London in 1878, the company’s history is quite well documented (you can read more here) and sadly, as with most companies that feature on my site, their business was sold in 1983. The new owner, Gibsons, is still going and I wish them well for the future!

Mickey Mouse and friends – one of four sets within the game
Snow White and characters from the ‘Silly Symphony’ series
Donald Duck and friends
The odd ones in the Disney family

Here are some examples of characters – some from the Silly Symphony series – Enjoy!

This last example reminds me of the latest Disneyland (Paris) advert – which I have to admit, I quite like.. and I must add that I am not being paid for linking – it really is my personal preference. I think you can tell that I prefer Donald to Mickey….


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