under de/construction..

I guess it has become obvious that I like miniatures of various kinds. Here is a selection of ‘model-sheets’ and ‘construction-kits’.

I admire anyone who can actually put these models together – it needs nimble fingers and the patience of a saint – at least that’s what I believe! But the sheets or materials themselves are great to look at in their own right.

Here are two lovely examples of finished buildings:

Model-sheets are not just for children – architectural models in particular. A rather melancholic item in my collection is the model of ‘Robin Hood Gardens’, a social housing project built in 1969-1972, now demolished. It didn’t work out.. More on its history here (the V&A aquired a section for its collection and exhibited this at the 2018 Venice Biennale to mixed reactions).


  1. Thanks Wibi ! Some lovely things that kind-of connect with the Bauhaus centenary too…. I would happily let you build my my town centre !

  2. Hi Wibi. Wow, these are good. So much detail to admire, and must have taken ages and plenty of patience to build I agree.
    On a much simpler level than what you have posted here, do you remember Richard Scarry’s Puzzletown kits? I was lucky enough to have one of the bigger sets, and spent ages building and playing with it. Such a great toy looking back.

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