An Easter Find

I hope you enjoy this recent ‘find’ as much as I do: it’s a tiny (4x6cm) handmade booklet featuring a little rabbit in various places. The cover is illegible so I don’t know who made it for whom. I like to think it was from an older sibling for a younger one. But not much older, the spellings are a bit off (which is part of its appeal). The drawings seem to be made with a red biro, and a car features, too, so my guess is that it’s 60s or 70s. Let me know what you think!

Booklet cover – penny for size comparison


  1. That’s so cute. A tiny tome by tiny hands. I wonder if the child that made it lived in the countryside as there are so many references to the outdoors – or it was inspired by a published book of a similar nature that the child tried to replicate. The last page “coler In” makes me think this too. Something like Brer Rabbit (often drawn with a waistcoat). But I like more your idea of how it might have been made by an older sibling to a younger.

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