Happy Easter!

Wishing all my readers a very happy and sunshiny Easter 2019!

Easter card. 'An Easter Hello', 4 eggs decorated in blue, pink, yellow and silver
Publisher: Sangamon (greeting card division apparently sold in 1990s)
Easter card in form of a lamb with tag reading 'Happy Easter'.
Publisher unknown
Early 1900s greeting card in form of a sitting rabbit with tag reading 'Happy Easter'
Publisher: A.M.Davis & Co., London (1907-1916)
paper bag with printed Easter motifs (chicks, eggs, rabbits)
‘Easter Bag’: Made in Germany for Marcel Schurman Co. Inc, San Francisco (date: mid 50s)
easter greeting card depicting a chick in an eggshell as coach, driven by a rabbit. Also anthropomorhic rabbit dressed as a gentleman in red frock.
German/Austrian Easter Card – date: early 1900s
Easter card with flower, egg and chick
publisher unknown – date 1914

And I leave you with the ‘most famous’ hare (not rabbit!) on postcards..


  1. Some of the cutest rabbits ever to appear in print !!! I want the inside of the first card as wallpaper (on my wall, not my computer) 🙂

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