Modes (and joys) of Travel – part 3

No fairy-tale connections this time… though I can’t help thinking that flying (today’s main mode) is a ‘wonder’. For (much!) more “retro adverts and comic covers” on the theme head over to Super-blogger ‘The Vintage Toy Advertiser (TVTA)‘s postHighly recommended.

Tower Press Jigsaw

Tower Press was a British jigsaw and games manufacturer, most active from the 1930s until 1969 when they were bought by Waddingtons ( this in turn owned by Hasbro since 1994). The ‘Terminus’ puzzle dates, I assume based on the logo which was in use between 1947 and May 1960, from the late 50s.

And as you probably know by now, I love imagery of the 50/60s – here are some examples of cards :

Wow – I hope the recipient managed to see most of these places!
another colourful card full of promises of adventure
wonderful inside – those were the days..

All the cards grouped above are by A.M.Davis & Co Quality Cards London, so it’s hardly surprising that ships feature more than airplanes – the company was bought in 1917 by Rust Craft (though the imprint lasted a bit longer).

An honest inscription!

When travelling one has to arrive, and while the following card is not at all related to travel as I understand it, it seems to imply that some of us are not real earthlings. So I’m throwing this in just as something to ponder.

With summer approaching I am looking forward to travel


  1. This post takes me higher! I havn’t heard the Up Up and Away song in years, and I like the image on the record sleeve.
    Once again you’ve added some wonderful and unique greeting cards, love them all, but my favourite has to be the jigsaw puzzle! The artwork and the perspective as seen from the control tower is a delight. I didn’t know that Tower Press became the famous puzzle and board game company Waddingtons!
    Thanks for a super post (and for the link to me too) :)x

  2. Thanks for another fab post !

    I DO love ‘Up,Up & Away’, but no balloon image, Wibiwonder……..? Next time, maybe….

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