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A small selection of Fairs and Exhibitions that may be of interest to my dear readers

Five Hundred Years of Women’s Work
until 15 June 2019
Duke University Library, Durham, NC 27708, USA

Lots of images, even online – this one taken from the ‘Trades’ Section.
DO have a look

Women’s work. The phrase usually conjures up domestic duties or occupations traditionally associated with women—such as teaching, nursing, or housekeeping. The Lisa Unger Baskin Collection upends those assumptions and makes the true breadth of women’s contributions visible. 

Ephemera Society Summer Fair
2 June 2019
Holiday Inn Hotel Bloomsbury
London, UK

a window into the past for both the curious and the collector — rare, unusual and historic paper items, from £2 to over £2000. A huge range of printed and handwritten ephemera – 18th century to modern times.

Emigre Poster Designers
until 27 June 2019
London Transport Museum

Part of the ‘Poster Parade’ at the London Transport Museum
For more on Hans Unger’s work click here

Cut and Paste: 400 years of Collage
29 June to 29 October 2019
Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art (Modern Two), Edinburgh

Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage is the first survey exhibition of collage ever to take place anywhere in the world. Collage is often described as a twentieth-century invention, but this show spans a period of more than 400 years and includes more than 250 works. A huge range of approaches is on show, from sixteenth-century anatomical ‘flap prints’, to computer-based images; work by amateur, professional and unknown artists; collages by children and revolutionary cubist masterpieces by Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris; from nineteenth century do-it-yourself collage kits to collage films of the 1960s.

The latest issue of ‘The Ephemerist’ and my latest bag

I’ll be going to the Ephemera Fair (of course), and am also interested in ‘Staging Magic: The Story behind the Illusion‘ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic. Feel free to drop me a line if you come across interesting exhibitions or fairs – do you have a favourite?


  1. The Edinburgh collage exhibition you mention sounds good, especially detailing 400 years! I used to create and exhibit mixed-media collage, so it’s a discipline I love. Do you know Kurt Schwitters? Brilliant artist and poet who made lots of collage.
    Oh, and… I love, love, love that Ephemerist cat bag!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I know – and adore – Kurt Schwitters. Will try and make it to the Edinburgh show – and would like to see one of your works, too!

  2. Good morning my friend, it is really worth as you said, i wish could have more time, thank you for sharing and also thank you for visiting my blob, by the way i love the bag, looks so cute❤️

  3. The ephemera fair was great – some real museum-quality items on show (& for sale if you had deep pockets – but worth it)

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