Home sweet Home

Ah, summer is over
But the music keeps playing
And won’t let the cold get me down

Carole King, ‘Music’ (1971)

You may remember ‘Summer in Dollhouse Land‘ – now it’s October it’s Time to spend more time inside. Here is how you could spend it in 1921 Dollhouse Land:

nice spacious hallway
hang up your coat
let’s go upstairs (the right hand stairs)
because the left hand stairs seem slightly less impressive
and the table is set – how lovely!
now it’s time to relax and write a bit – letters to friends or blog? Maybe both..

Time-jump to the Seventies!

I was very happy when I discovered this set by JEAN (Jean Hoefler, a German toy manufacturer – sadly, another one now subsumed into another company) on Ebay – it’s (unsurprisingly) from the 1970s
the planter is by Lundby, the lava lamp by RE-MENT Co., Ltd

And here it is ‘in situ’:

A happy home

I hope you enjoyed your visit – see you again soon!


  1. Brilliant! i’m coming over to yours this winter, Wibi, if that’s okay 🙂 Thank you for the guided tour around that wonderful 1921 Dollhouse Land.
    As for the toy furniture… so pleased to see some more Jean Hoefler. I have parts from his NASA lunar line and they’re excellent West German toys.
    Lundby – I have a few ads for their doll house furniture, so it’s good to see that here. Love the ‘peace’ and ‘love’ bedroom furniture, the turntable, the giraffes on TV! So many cool and interesting details really. There are even little vinyl record albums in the cabinet. Extra cool too is your doll house because it has working lights!
    Superb post, thanks for sharing!

  2. A very wonderful post, not one amazing guided tour, but two !! And such a lovely narrative …..
    Thanks for the Carole King too, I really should get some….. 🙂

  3. I love this, dear Wibi. It is so easy to feel welcome here. It’s great to have a character and keep the spirit of the old days alive. We all have a history to share. Thank you so much for this one! Yours, Sovely

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