As the nights draw in and Halloween is nigh’; my thoughts turned to owls – they can be seen as wise but also as menacing, they can be harbingers of lucky news, good health or of death. And here are some examples illustrating these different views – I hope you like them.

hope they didn’t extract anything from real owls!
Richmond & Co were a printing company –
I haven’t found out the name of the ‘Owl Brands’ manufacturer
scrap of owl sitting on gravestone with shovel underneath its wing
a strange scrap (Oblate) – not very cheery, even if the owl has a cheeky face
moving into sweeter depictions – isn’t this one cute?
by G Delgado Ltd London – I assume 1920s
If you know more about the company, please get in touch!

and if you were wondering about the ‘header’ image – its a place card from (I guess) the 1920s.

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