Dear Deer

I have a soft spot for deer – whether stag, hind or fawn. They do feature prominently on Christmas Cards – and not just because of ‘Rudolph’ (who, as reindeer, is just one of the 62 species). I think it is true to say that they are generally associated with kindness and gentleness – they are to me, and I hope my selection brings out similar feelings.

A Hallmark ‘Slim Jim’ – illustrator unknown
Neither company nor illustrator are known
Package Masters, Inc – then Minneapolis. I couldn’t find out whether they still exist or not. Illustrator unknown.
“American Greetings Card” – illustrator unknown
German greeting card – I assume 30’s and have no information on either the company or illustrator.
Neither company nor illustrator are known
Neither company nor illustrator are known
Another Norcross card ( the main image of the cute fawn making eyes at the bird on a bauble is also Norcross). Norcross was founded in the 1920s and essentially a family business. It was sold several times from 1974 onwards and finally ceased to exist in 1981. RIP….
And sadly, I have not been able to trace “Jimenez’, the illustrator.
Dick Kelsey for California Artists.
Dick Kelsey was a Disney art director. I have not been able to establish whether ‘California Artists’ still exist. A superb blog-entry at ‘Cartoon Brew’, on Christmas cards illustrated by another Disney designer, T.Hee is worth checking out!

And finally, here are some pages and one small drawing from a 1950 Pop-up book. Illustrations and pop-ups by Marion Guild (1917 – 2013). Written by Robert L. May (a department store employee): PLEASE read his story and see the original manuscript and illustrations at NPR.

Published by Publicity Products Ltd, London by arrangement with Maxton Publishers Inc, New York.
As this is the UK version, the sign-post has London on it. In the original US version it is New York.

I hope I have managed to sprinkle some magic over your pre-Christmas days. Be gentle and kind, not least to yourselves.


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