I hope that each and everyone of my readers is as well as can be. To cheer myself up – not just in these times – I imagine inviting cherished guests to a party. Because everyone is different, here’s a selection of invitations – I enjoy matching invitations to guests – which one would ensure you’d be ‘delighted to attend’?

Possibly ‘Millar and Lang Ltd’ (originally in Glasgow, later in London, 1903 – 1982).
On the back it just states: ‘National Series’ ‘Made in Great Britain’
My guess is that this is from the 50’s.. it would be consistent with the 1956 ‘Houseparty Hop’ record (as in the main image). For the music, see further below.
Maker unknown – just ‘7004’ and ‘Made in U.S.A’ on the back
One of my personal favorites – so cute – and the promise of a good cocktail!
Also from the 50s – as the company name changed to ‘Gibson Greeting Cards’ in 1960
Ok, this is, strictly speaking, just for Christmas, but I love the OP-Art, so would send it anytime
… and replace ‘holiday’ with a relevant word. No exact date on the back, my guess is 1960’s (and it’s by Hallmark)
… super-kisch from the 1970s.
Universal Greetings Ltd ‘Printed in England’. All I could find is that the company at some stage was based in Tonbridge, Kent.
a cheeky one…
My guess is that this is from the late 80’s/early 90s. Printed by Rust Craft, but importantly ‘Printed in England’ . A Greeting Card company of that name was listed from 1987 – 1993.
I doubt that there is any connection to Rust Craft, USA.

Well, all we can do at the moment is to reminisce



  1. Thinking about it, I am almost positive my grandparents had those mice invites, or maybe they were napkins done by the same artist.

      1. You would have loved their home. It was forever stuck in the mid 1950s, with Keane artwork, hip furniture, funny cocktail napkins … like the cover of one of those Ray Anthony records, maybe. Sadly, when they moved to a smaller home they had a garage sale and sold everything. None of us knew it was going on so we couldn’t stop them. They made $50 and sold priceless cool items.

      2. Oh yes, that does sound like a dream-home to me 😍. Such a shame you didn’t get the chance to save some artefacts- I would have been devastated to find out 😫.

  2. I’d be delighted to come over for a little drink and leave feeling in the pink. 🍸

  3. I would be delighted to attend all of these! It is hard to select my favourite, but if I had to choose one, it would be the “There’s nothing like a little drink” one… but they all tickle me pink. Thank you for a glorious read to brighten up my day.

    1. Thank you! Hope you know I’d be delighted to have you as my special guest! Can’t wait until our next proper ‘little drink’ and more together. Sending love xx

  4. Count me in, dear Wibi 🙂 Superb images all. Love the Ray Anthony record cover. My two favourites are the kitty and bluebird, and the house with the music and dancing going on inside. Thanks for sharing these cool invites! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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