It seems that many of us are being urged to or genuinely keen to learn new skills in these times of lockdown. It brings back memories of going to Dance School in my teenage years. It was held in the next major town in the hall of a ‘Gaststätte’ (tavern), and I was your proverbial ‘wallflower’, having 2 left feet, not being but feeling fat…what can I say: I didn’t enjoy it!

I couldn’t let my parents know, they thought they were doing me a favour – and they were always collecting me by car afterwards to take me home to our sleepy village. Sneakily, instead of suffering through the lessons, I went to the discotheque (yes, that long ago, when they were called that) ‘Down-Town‘ next door for the duration – another story for another time. But I still have the records (approved by the German Association of Dancing Teachers at the time) – so maybe now’s the time to give it a go?

In my earlier childhood, influenced by films and books, I did dream a little of becoming a ballet dancer –

From ‘Ballet’ a POP-UP book by Violet la Mont, published by arrangement with Maxton Publishers Inc, New York – produced by Purnell & Sons Ltd (Paulton, Somerset), 1953.

not that there was any chance of that : I was a ‘chubby’ child, and my parents couldn’t afford lessons (which is the main reason, I guess, why they insisted on ‘gifting’ me the dance course years later).

The kind of book that made me ‘dream’

Whatever you do – or don’t do
(Remember, it’s ok not to do anything ‘special’!)
Keep well, stay safe x