Still dreaming of travel

It’s been raining all morning here, so my thoughts have once again drifted towards ‘getting away’. It doesn’t have to be far-flung!

Although I don’t think I’ll stay at this hotel…

I took this photo about 10 year ago in St Leonard’s-on-Sea, when Shoreditch was just about to become a hipster hotspot).

Or here… at least not about 100 years ago.

postcard showing smoking chimneys with text stating: Lovely Manchester
This card was published by ‘Cynicus Publishing’ , a short-lived (1902-1911) venture of cartoonist Martin Anderson (1854-1932), of Tayport, Fife. He suffered several financial setbacks in later life and is buried in an unmarked grave. The card is postmarked 1908 and was sent to someone in Northwich (which is about an hour from Manchester).

I wouldn’t go on a cruise or on any ship at this stage – look what happened to Gulliver:

Die cut scrap of Gulliver being captured in Lilliputia.
I like the fact that this Die Cut scrap uses ‘Voyage’ rather than Travels.

Not in my current top 10 either (too many reasons), but as I have some ancestral history there, it will stay on my list, and this does look welcoming:

illustration of Russian peasant girl holding a welcoming cake. Text states that Intourist wishes you a pleasant Trip in the USSR
A 1966 promotional pocket calendar

So I look forward to being able to send a card from Holiday soon. Below is one that you are welcome to use for your own purposes.

I have not been able to find any information on ‘R W Miller’ in ‘London, S.E. 9″ – if you know anything please share!

Finally, here are the solutions to last entry’s question:

Wishing you happy travels, staycations or workdays – whatever you do, enjoy!


  1. Yep, not straying very far this year – no trains, planes or boat rides for a while yet.
    Enjoyed this post a lot.
    ‘Lovely Manchester’ 🙂
    Sweet art on the Russian Intourist.
    The Holiday Time Saving Card is too funny… ‘The People Are: Friendly / Catty / Boring’ 🙂 and ‘I Like: a Guinness / Moonshine 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these, brought a smile to my face this pm 🙂

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