What NOT to GIVE As Christmas Present

Are you being bombarded with Christmas shopping deals / ideas yet? Maybe you need more time to think about what to get your friends and family? It’s often a good start to look at what NOT to do, so I hope my TOP 3 tips help you sort out that particular dilemma.

First of all, the obvious..

cover of card showing man disappointed at being given socks and ties and handkerchiefs
Lovely packaging won’t help if the present isn’t right..

A gun? For Christmas? I don’t think that’s a good idea. Calling it Daisy, which is a lovely name, doesn’t change that. I should add that the company is still very much in business…

advert for Daisy Airgun from 1975
advert in 1975 Star Trek comic

Science is good but encouraging nuclear explosions in your living room? I don’t think so! More pictures and information can be found on the ‘Museum Crush’ website

advert for Atomic Energy Lab from 1952
Photo from Wikipedia – under Creative Commons licence

My German readers may remember the TV-sketch by the fabulous Loriot – “Christmas at Hoppenstedts” where the Grandfather does buy a set of ‘We’re building a nuclear power station’ – it even comes with houses, trees and cows which can fall over if ‘one makes a mistake in setting in up’. I haven’t found a clip with English subtitles – so here’s ‘just’ a link in case you’re interested: https://youtu.be/MpEYKv6mGNI

So these are my top 3 of ‘NOT’-presents. What do you think? Have you come across other No-No’s? Please do share!

The cover image is an advert for ‘All Day Suckers’ Candy – and while it does evoke Willy Wonka’s ‘gobstopper’, again, I don’t think it would be healthy to gift these to anyone. As the company no longer exists this thankfully won’t be a problem


  1. Love the adverts 🙂 I have a number of Daisy ads in the collection but never had a air gun for Christmas. One thing about getting older is that you do seem to receive more socks though.

  2. Did the child’s atomic energy lab really exist, or is it just a comedy creation ?

    I do love the Regina Lollipops ad – crying out for inclusion in a Gilbert & George artwork entitled ‘All Day Suckers’ – I can almost imagine it 🙂

    Thanks for another fab post !

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