Minimum of Two

Let me take you back to a time when everything seemed sweet and light: the Christmas greeting-card world of the 50s and 60s – This post’s Theme is: “Happy couples and families”

1950s Rust Craft card depicting anthropomorphic snowman and wife as candles on fir branch
A Rust Craft card

The Rust Craft company was founded in a bookstore in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1906 by its owner, Fred Winslow Rust. Rust revolutionised the use of the “French Fold,” which turned a single piece of paper into a card by folding it into quarters.Many of the “firsts” in the greeting card industry belong to Rust Craft, including Anniversary and Graduation cards. The company was sold several times and, as most Greeting card companies , was finally absorbed into ‘American Greetings’ in the 1980s.

1950s Greeting card showing  a couple unfolding the word 'Merry' in gold glitter
“from the Coronation Collection” – I don’t know which company 🙁
1950s Rust Craft card depicting couple dressed up as Santa Claus and wife
Another Rust Craft card
Hallmark Greeting card depicting family of 3 in Santa costumes at windows of a house.
illustration of Family of 3 in Santa Claus costumes on number 3 spelt out in sugar canes on blue background. 1950s greeting card
“A Sunshine Card” – I don’t know anything about this company..
Family of four decorating the Christmas Tree - 1960s  greeting card by Rust Craft
Yes, you guessed it…. another Rust Craft card

There was fun to be had by Singles, too! I hope I brought a little bit of joy to your Holiday season – more next week..

Design: Margaret Holden; for Gordon Fraser Gallery

Gordon Fraser Gallery.was a discerning and popular greeting card producer in England, active from the late 1930s until the early 1990s.


  1. I’m very late to the party haha…. but another fantastic post ! I do love an artistic number sequence 🙂

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