Details of content of paper doll book; Space background, doll's paper clothes, interior of spaceship

Planetary Play

Meet Star Princess and her cyborg companion Pluta!

cover part of paper-doll book. Star Princess and Pluta at their North Space Base. Drawing of both characters in spaceship flying

Spaceplay for girls

This 1979 paper doll ‘playbook’ is one of only a few ”Star Princess and Pluta” items produced by Whitman’s . I can’t quite call it a series – to my knowledge there were only a set of paper dolls, a colouring book and this. Copyright was applied for in 1980 and cancelled in 1988. Maybe the similarity to Star Wars was slightly too obvious? Pluta does look like an emaciated robot Princess Leia!

Nevertheless, a space play for girls is to be applauded. The fashion is suitably ‘far-out’:

but planet and command centre have been given equal attention – not just Star Wars, Star Trek comes to mind, too.

Have a lovely time whichever planet you’re on!


  1. Hi Wibi. What a wonderful and cool set. Love it from the colours to the graphics to the two characters and their ship and costumes. Yes… I too thought of Pluta as Princess Leia with her buns and no-nonsense face. Can also feel a Star Trek vibe as you say.
    Brilliant share, thanks X

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