a little late with exclamation mark on yellow background with brown markings


Have I mentioned before that I have a mild (well, you decide..) form of brain-fog after the last 18 months? I would usually describe myself as a well-organised person, but recently….. never mind! At least I hope my friends don’t, because even though I have an old-fashioned Birthday calendar and get reminders online, I have managed to ‘forget’ quite a few this year. And I am sorry for that.

But how to convey it? I could pretend it’s ‘nothing, really’ – this might work if it’s just a day or 2 late..

cover of vintage late Birthday card. text reads Happy Birthday - a little late! on yellow background with brown abstract markings
Card by A. M. Davis & Co Ltd Quality Cards- “British Manufacture”
inside of vintage late Birthday card text reads Enjoy yourself! on the left hand side, on the right hand side is a poem wishing many happy returns
seems a bit off-hand to me..

Not quite my style, to be honest. I could play the ‘cute card’ – it does look more sincere.

The card is by (unsurprisingly, but annoyingly, as I have not been able to find out anything about them) ‘a Straw Hat Card’.

A dash of humour might help…

A Hallmark Card

One doesn’t need too many words to express the feeling – here’s another favourite:

Another Hallmark card

I am always truly sorry for having ‘forgotten’. The final card expresses that extremely well.

vintage late birthday card - image of apple with worm. Text reads Gosh, I'm Sorry -looks like I can't crawl out of it and it makes me squirm
image of opened apple with work

and yet another Hallmark card

Am I forgiven? Mostly yes, true friends do understand these lapses. Still, I hope I won’t have to add to my collection – although donations (if you have some old cards that you can bear to part with) are always welcome!
Stay safe and well x


  1. If you forget to send a card or gift to arrive on the actual day, let’s hope they will be surprised and pleased to celebrate again on another day. 🙂

  2. These are so cute!
    I’m a very terrible birthday forgetter … I’m so good at that, that most of my friends aren’t even surprised anymore. Now, that’s a skill! If only one could make money by being a douchebag …

  3. mmm…. I hope I’m more of a napping cat than a sad worm but I tend to be a belated-birthday wisher… I’ve had to make up the ‘official’ idea of a birth-day/week to provide some cover …. thanks for another lovely post !

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