Don’t wanna frighten ya’..

Not quite yet… but Halloween is soon upon us. And this year there might be some parties again, so here are a few vintage invitations that are bound to entice even reluctant party guests. It does start slightly scary, but there really is no need to be frightened. Follow me..

Halloween is, of course, not Halloween without ghosts or bats..

drawings of 2 ghosts and 3 bats on yellow background. Text reads: There's going to be a party. Scared of goblins, spooks and bats?
This one is by Gibson
drawing of 3 black cats on fence with text reading:Then JOIN US other scaredy cats! Where, When, Who (the last 3 to be filled in)

speaking of cats… I imagine most parties will be fancy-dress, so why not dress up as a one..

cover of vinyl LP "Cattin" showing Coleman Hawkins in the background and a girl dressed as a cat in the foreground
clicking on the image will take you to the song ‘Cattin’ at the Keynote’ – perhaps the perfect soundtrack..

I did say that there’s no need to be afraid – I stole the title of this post from this card:

Whether you have plans to ‘celebrate’ Halloween or not, I hope you are well and staying as safe as you can – don’t have nightmares!


  1. Adorable Halloween invites, Wibi, thanks for sharing these. My favourite is the owl with the eyes incorporated into the text, but I also like the back cover of the one showing the ‘scaredy cats’ 🎃😼🐱🎃

  2. Another fab post I’m only just catching up on…. Love the Coleman Hawkins and the black bats & cats – very 60s tv cartoon.

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