Don’t let me rain on your parade…

image of illustration of the little match girl (fairytale by Andersen) showing girl cowering next to snowy steps with what is supposedly her last match

Christmas is not always a time of cheer, for many reasons for many people. Today I am thinking about those that are short on money, because, you’ve guessed it, there are – or at least were – cards particularly for those occasions. Yes, clever capitalists knew how to make money from those that don’t have any or not much. But I do understand that one would like to send good wishes rather than nothing at all.

Here’s a lovely, polite way of putting it:

vintage Christmas card showing lit candle. Text reads: Just something for Christmas not much it is true But bringing the best of good wishes to you
Publisher unknown

And here’s a brutally honest one:

vintage postcard titled Hard Times image of gift tag stating Bringing Hearty xmas greetings with room for address. Text on the right reads: Please don't make any enquiry, the parcel has not gone astray. The omission was meant and the packet not sent- let Hard Times excuse it I pray
Postcard – maker unknown

Some people might just be a little sad, and here is a small collection of cards that do manage to convey that feeling :

vintage victorian christmas card - blurred image of sunset framed by roses and lilac on top and mistletoe on bottom. Text reads: Summer is gone Christmas is come
Victorian card – maker unknown

Animals were a popular choice for the ‘sad’ sentiment – or am I misinterpreting?

vintage wall calendar photo of unhappy kitten in basket
is this the face of happiness? You decide!

Truth be told, I find the ‘sad faces’ rather endearing but I would wonder slightly about the mental state of the person who chose to send those to me. What do you think the one below means? Let me know!

vintage victorian christmas card showing little red riding hood being greeted by the wolf

Happier Blogging Service will resume shortly, do enjoy the wonderful Christmas time as much as you can!


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