Christmas in the City

What would be your ideal setting for Christmas? A cosy country cottage far away from everything, a homely house in a village where everyone knows each other or an awesome apartment in a big city? Are you a country or city girl/boy?

Both have their advantages, of course. I believe that Christmas in a city has its own charm, and here are some vintage cards that (hopefully) convey that feeling. I have sneaked in a couple of cards from a previous post – I think they’re worth a second viewing.

vintage greeting card cover, showing cityscape in winter with snow falling, Mid-century style, ochre colouring
1960s card by Hallmark – artist not mentioned
vintage greeting card cover, mid century illustration of busy city - skyscrapers and building sites with cars rushing past. Christmas tree in the middle
Design by Bernard Kaplan, Designers and Illustrators Card
watercolour illustration of snowy busy road in a city. Fountain in foreground, some pedestrians visible
maker and artist unknown – if you know who ‘BLS” might be – please let me know!

Here’s a card that combines country and city – I love it because it has everything I love – a deer, snow, starry night and skyscrapers!

illustrated cover of vintage greeting card - deer in open, snowy woods gazing at city in the distance
Cleveland, artist unknown

Continuing the theme and nicely finishing it off, here is a purely instrumental gem by Marvin Gaye – probably not what you’d expect from him – I think it’s quite evocative of the feel of a city in winter.


  1. Great selection! I wouldn’t have thought to put cranes and scaffolding on a Christmas card, but Bernard Kaplin totally made it work with the colourful buildings.

    Normally I’m a country boy, and I’d love a remote Christmas getaway, but I think there’s something to be said for the city; the lights, the tree and just a general sense of togetherness which isn’t always there (sadly).

    Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thank you, yes that card is quite special. I live in the city and Love it but am lucky to have a good neighbourly relations, so it feels quite villagey… Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the „days between the years“, wherever you are !

  2. Beautiful & revealing …. & I love the Marvin Gaye, even if it is a little bit ‘freeform’ 😄

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