L is for Ladies

Moving quickly on in my Christmas alphabet – ‘L’ is for Ladies, and you could add ‘P’ for presents or poodle.

The one below does fit the current weather – wrap up warm! The lady does look very cosy in her fur hat, and she lovingly catches snowflakes. Warm feelings guaranteed!

vintage mid century Christmas card cover. Red background, showing girl with closed eyes in white fur catching snowflakes
by Norcross

How very fifties! Love the coat, and the poodle. This lady seems to live in a city – no snow-boots needed.

vintage mid century Christmas card cover - illustration. Off-white background. Lady in red fifties dress with black fur edging holds parcel in one arm and lead to black poodle in the other hand
By English Cards Ltd

Here’s a trio of very similar looking ladies – I like to imagine they all live in the same place, hurrying home to be able to put the presents under the tree. Although they might not like the fact that their outfits are very similar…

vintage mid century Christmas card cover - illustration. Green background. Girl in red and white dress and fur cap is holding presents, accompanied by a small brown puppy which also carries a small present.
Publisher unknown
vintage mid century Christmas card cover - illustration. Against a stylised drawing of a village street a girl in a red dress and fur cap is balancing a Christmas wreath and a stack of presents. Text underneath says Merry Christmas
Publisher unknown
vintage mid century Christmas card cover - illustration. Grey background. A girl dressed in a red dress with white and gold fur lining is seen posting a letter. She is holding a present box ini her left hand. White and gold snowflakes fall around her
Publisher unknown

This card is a favourite, not only because the lady is not dressed in the usual style but also for all the little details, and the lovely drawings inside.

vintage mid century Christmas card cover - illustration. A girl in orange headscarf holds several nicely wrapped presents. Christmas tree and a Christmas wreath surround that image.
inside of illustrated vintage mid-century Christmas card. A chair on each page. On the left a present with Happy Holidays written on it, on the right the present has Happy New Year on it.
Publisher unknown

Always love a die-cut card, and this is a lovely example. And I could identify the publisher!

Sidney J. Burgoyne, Jr., the founder and owner of Sidney J. Burgoyne & Sons, a greeting card manufacturing company (1907 – 2002). was born in London. He later came to Philadelphia and established his firm there in 1907. The company was one of the first manufacturers to begin large-scale production of Christmas cards in the United States. Since 2002, some of his descendants still produce greeting cards under the name Legacy Greetings.

Cover of unused vintage Christmas card. White background with golden snowflakes and Merry Christmas in red font. Die-cut outline of a smiling lady. All  framed in scalloped gold. Green background of the inside of the card is visible.
Published by Sidney J. Burgoyne & Sons

and finally, a wonderful example in terms of 1970s colouring and font, this card is by Rousana Cards. It seems the company started in 1971 in New Jersey and specialised in cards for ethnic minorities. In 1985 they became part of the Belmont Greeting Card Company, which ceased trading in 1995.

Cover of vintage mid century Christmas card. Illustration.Snowflakes surround black lady dressed in pink and white fur holding a Christmas wreath and several nicely wrapped presents
published by Rousana Cards

Only 8 sleeps to Christmas 2022 now.. hope you’re not frazzled but can enjoy!


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