More stories..

Here are a couple more stories from the “found” (on Ebay) self-made book of stories and collages from the early 20th Century. Thank you again to The Vintage Toy Advertiser for identifying Avril Podmore as the child author of these. More of her work can be seen at Pigtails in Paint.

The spelling is unusual but I am reproducing the original text – not doing so would spoil the experience. Enjoy!

You can see the whole book here.

Fourth story: Holades Times

Very fitting for a month full of Bank Holidays (at least in the UK)

Holades had cum Lucy and Tom and Frank and thy were playing in the garden Lucy had a doll Tom had a Blune and Frank had a toy sider thy were very happy fo it was holades thy were very sorry when they went to bed.

Text underneath the collage on the left: the garden and thy were playing in

Fifth story: Bath Time

Betty was playing with Mary and Jane thy were just in the middle of a lovly game when thir Mother called them to have a Bath Betty was rather sorry but she like r bath so she troted upstrs She had a lovly Bath and she went to Bed and She went to sleep.


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