a little late with exclamation mark on yellow background with brown markings

Have I mentioned before that I have a mild (well, you decide..) form of brain-fog after the last 18 months? I would usually describe myself as a well-organised person, but recently….. never mind! At least I hope my friends don’t, because even though I have an old-fashioned Birthday calendar and get reminders online, I have […]

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Award Season

I’m delighted and pleased to announce that I’ve been nominated for The Penable Award ! Thank you so much, Dee at RETRODEE for nominating me – and for showing her appreciation in this way. Please check out her blog on all things 50s (‘The best Era ever’) and how they still matter today! The Rules […]

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More shopping… Announcement

You can now find me on Etsy!  The time has come to let go of some of my treasures (only a few, mind). In addition, there are digital items for creative pursuits. I will add more, including my own works, so I hope you’ll make a note and check out the shop in the future. […]

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